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What is PR and how important is content?


PR is often confusing and overlooked by many SMEs and small businesses across the UK. It is also often seen as low priority for many business but it is an essential part to developing your brand, company and raising the profile of your founders. Securing coverage in national and credible media increases your brands footprint online and also reassures customers of your credibility.

Using a PR agency or professional will also help with developing your brand messaging, tone of voice, your strategy and producing valuable content and media coverage so it is certainly something to consider. Done well your PR could help catapult your brand awareness and increase your online customer base quickly.

PR and valuable content can also help with your social media traction and your SEO strategy. It is therefore something that you may want to consider spending some of your budget on. Speak to us if you want recommendations on agencies to use and we will point you in the right direction.

PR campaigns can also raise awareness of your brand quickly as they may attract media attention if done well. We have outlined some tips to manage your own PR but this is time consuming so it might be worth considering an agency when you really want to push forward with this.

Media Coverage

Media coverage is one of the best ways to generate good PR. When your business has been written about by a reputable and well-known source, then those positive attributes are key for establishing a level of trust with new and existing audiences.

Getting coverage and showcasing this is an excellent way to help promote your business name.


#journorequest is a great hashtag on Twitter for businesses to follow. This is where journalists, bloggers and broadcasters will tweet out requests seeking expert commentators or content or case studies. Remember that you are an expert in your industry, so if a request in any way applies to you, make sure to respond as it is a great way to secure coverage.


Press releases

Press releases are an industry standard way to showcase news/announcements about your business or industry. This could be starting a launching a new product, hiring a new executive or supporting a good cause. They don't have to be very long  and is a good way to interact with relevant journalists and build interest in your business.

Calendar events and promotions

Make sure you’re keeping an eye out on any calendar dates in your industry sector and talking about these on your social media, as well as incorporating promotions around these. Use websites such as Awareness Days and National Awareness days and organise your calendar to make sure you get involved in these on social media and through promotion.

There is an awareness day for everything and some of them gain a lot of media and social media interest. These calendar dates are key for making your business relevant to a wider audience.



Networking is a great way to build contacts and raise awareness of your business. It helps you reach audiences other than your own. Meeting other SME and small business owners gives you the opportunity to form relationships, which then gives you scope to help one another out with business opportunities. There is often opportunities to be on a panel or even to speak at these events.

Viral Campaigns

Creating a marketing campaign or video that goes viral is a great way to generate PR for your business. It often needs to be a unique and very creative idea for it to gain real traction but many businesses In the past have created viral videos through pranks, challenges and public giveaways. Your brand name can hopefully reach a more global audience by doing this.



Attending and creating your own events is an excellent way to learn from others and also showcase your business and industry knowledge.. You are an expert in your field, and creating your own events helps to solidify this.

Also attendees will hopefully be posting about your event on social media, which is a fantastic way to ultimately get your business talked about and secure social media coverage. 

If you are hosting events then make the event about something bigger than your company and not just a self promotion or live advert. 

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