With our future plans shaken up by the pandemic, now is the time to take stock of the journey so far

As we head towards winter and the potential for a second Coronavirus lockdown grows, even our near future appears uncertain, with many of our plans turned upside down by COVID-19. After a tumultuous year which has seen the advent of the worldwide pandemic, not to mention many social issues coming to the fore and an extremely divisive political climate, it has become very difficult for many of us to plan our next steps in life. 

With our future plans up in the air, biography-writing service StoryTerrace are encouraging Britain to stop planning our next steps, and instead to look back into our pasts to better understand ourselves and set up for future success. 

By looking into our past and documenting our experiences, moments of adversity and triumph, we are able to gain a better understanding of who we are, our thoughts, emotions, and why we act the way we do. Documenting our life stories not only helps us to become more reflective, but helps us to identify the motivations and driving factors behind our behaviour, thereby bringing us more security and helping us to evolve.

Rutger Bruining, Founder and CEO of StoryTerrace, discusses why now is the time for self-reflection, and explains the benefits of looking back into our past to understand ourselves, rather than future planning in a period of such unpredictability:

“Every person at some stage in school, higher education or professional career is asked the question 'where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years from now?'. These questions are difficult for most people to answer at the best of times, but with the rise of the Coronavirus pandemic the very idea of planning for the future has become increasingly complex and frustrating.

That's why, at StoryTerrace, we are encouraging Britain to take this opportunity to centre themselves in the present, and delve into their pasts to ensure they are best prepared, with a higher level of self-understanding and security, to move forward and grab every opportunity when they arise.  Each and every one of us has a story to tell, and although many may doubt the value of documenting their life stories, the process is incredibly beneficial for everyone, regardless of your journey thus far. Not only this, but documenting your life story can have great benefits for your family, friends and even future generations, as they can gain a better understanding of you through your story and develop stronger relationships. 

Especially given the twists and turns that this year has taken, and with all of our plans hanging in the balance, StoryTerrace are committed to helping people develop themselves and improve their wellbeing, both personally and professionally".

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