What does the Prime Minister's "roadmap" mean for the trades?

research from Powered Now, a field service management software which specialises in trades, has unveiled the robust sentiment the UK's tradespeople have towards their work, displaying how the sector has been a hive of job creation.

Key Statistics:

  • 18% of Brits agree that after COVID, they are now considering employment within a trade sector to pick up additional work or to commence a new career in a trade

  • 15% of tradespeople have seen their client demand increase post-COVID, to their highest levels ever

  • 18% of tradespeople have such a backlog of work that they no longer have the time to source any new business

The market researchers, Kantar calculated that Brits had planned to spend £4.94 billion on improving our homes between September and December 2020 – £552 million more than in the same period during 2019 home improvements are very much the flavour of the month. However, with Boris Johnson's address this evening outlining a vision to return to normality, it is possible that with record savings, with an excess of £100 billion being put away by UK households in the last year, these newfound freedoms will entice homeowners to invite tradespeople back into their homes, and provide a further kickstart to the trades.

With a client base of over 1500 trade SMEs in the UK alone, Ben Dyer, CEO of Powered Now, has provided his insights into how the trades are set for further recovery in 2021, and how a potential "roadmap" out of lockdown will witness a boom-time for the industry.

"We know that with extended periods confined to their homes, Brits have been picking up their screwdrivers and improving their properties. However, it hasn't just been the amateur handymen and women of Britain having a bonanza, the trades too have proven their durability and growth within the sector has been wonderful to see in such difficult times.

With the expectation that the Prime Minister will provide a vision for escaping lockdown, we wholeheartedly expect that Brits will go on a spending spree and add a professional touch to the home improvements that have whetted the appetites of the population throughout lockdown. Furthermore, will record levels of house transactions as a result of the stamp duty holiday, the lifting of lockdown will witness a surge in client demand for tradespeople as homeowners look to fix-up their new properties"

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