Using data to help manage your HR

“HR departments are still often afraid of data and analytics and traditionally, HR professionals have been focussed on the same old measures e.g. time to hire, staff turnover, sickness days.” says Della Wolfe, co-founder of the Curve Group, the UK’s largest privately-owned HR and Recruitment outsource and consultancy provider.

“By truly understanding their HR data, they can open up a new world of opportunities, uncovering better ways to build trust, engage and motivate people.  This ultimately will enable a much stronger alignment between people, HR and the strategic objectives of the business.”

Della also observes “Most organisations still need to better utilise their technology stack in order to capture meaningful data.”

Reflecting on how performance should be measured and managed by data based KPIs, Della says “If you cannot look ahead to potential achievement, using the trends and insights provided by data, then you are likely to make investments in the wrong people and overlook those who, with the correct investment and support should be your drivers and leaders of the future. This could of course be extremely costly in the long term.”

Della will share more of these challenging views on Friday 7th August when she takes part in the CI Group’s latest virtual Changing Behaviours event about Performance Data, joining leading data experts including Formula 1 team Chief Information Officer Graeme Hackland, Meredith Amdur, CEO of Rhetorik  David Watt, CEO of the CI Group and Robert Mol, Managing Director of Pearl Analytics.

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