UK SME developing a customer analytics platform for retailers wins Microsoft startup award

Uncrowd, the UK SME that is developing a customer analytics platform for local and chain retailers, is this year’s recipient of Microsoft’s inaugural global award for Start-Ups. 

Uncrowd, founded by retail experts, offers a customer analytics platform that empowers retailers with the data to understand customer preferences and behaviour, allowing them to make immediate changes to marketing and operations, and with the goal of helping them increase sales.

The global accolade recognises Uncrowd’s entrepreneurial, customer-focused potential and the effectiveness of the retail support platform.  Uncrowd was selected from hundreds of SMEs across the world using the Microsoft’s Azure platform to manage their data systems.

Commenting on the award, Richard Hammond, co-founder and CEO of Uncrowd, said:

“We’re thunderstruck by this endorsement from Microsoft, a global technology giant and hugely supportive partner.  For us, it feels like the award equivalent of a Series A round. The buzz around our platform is intensifying and retailers are waking up to the importance of nuance and accuracy in insight.  In the last few years, Board and operational tolerance of vague metrics have declined as better ways of understanding and modelling customer motivations have emerged.  We’re at the crest of this wave and we’re delighted with this accolade.  It’s yet another important endorsement of the calibre of the UK tech start-up community.” 

Co-founder and CTO, Rocky Howard, said: “Our platform enables any of the top 250 retailers in the world to add a minimum of $1 million to their operating profit without getting close to Uncrowd’s full potential.  There isn’t a platform in the world that gives retailers as clear a set of actionable insights about their customers.  It’s the sort of management information that makes a minute by minute difference to sales performance, grounded in practical utility.  It makes Net Promoter scores look like vague, redundant hearsay by comparison.”

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