Tips to help improve your SME’s messaging online

For any SMEs, online messaging should be both sensitive to the current situation especially at the moment but to gain real traction you will need to be proactive and positive. As an SMEs you will need to be ready to manage expectations and be supportive to your customer needs.

Below are five tips from us to help improve your SME’s messaging online.

Follow the 80/20 rule on social media No one likes to follow a brand that just permanently promotes the company and their products. No one want to be faced with a constant sales pitch. Customers want to know how your brand is relevant and is updating especially in the current climate and that you can add value to their lives, not how it can sell.

This is why we suggest following the 80/20 rule. This simple rule means that only 20% of what you post should be dedicated to promotional content directly about your SME and its specific services. So what should you do with the other 80%? We advise this should be reserved for entertaining, relevant, current and valuable content. This could be informative advice or shared tips or guides, pairing tips or instructions, it should constitute the bulk of your content. Always keep in mind the changing needs and interests of your audience and follow relevant trends and topics across social media to gain traction. By providing engaging content, you can create connection with current and new potential customers.

Create authenticity through testimonials By using user generated content (UGC) it is a great way to make your brands messaging more approachable and show how and what your customers think of your company. UGC offers a truly authentic look into your SME and your operations, free from any editing or staging. As a result, UGC will encourage a significant amount more traction compared to other brand-created content. Social media is an informal place meant for sharing and any customers that tag or interact with your brand is valuable content and worth sharing to your audience. It will also add brand loyalty from that customer as you have shared their content and interacted with them.This is also true with reviews, which also offer an authentic look into your business.

Be conversational with your customers By engar Not every post is conce rned with the content of their boxes or the convenience of their service. Talk to your customers about their weeks and issues and ask them questions. Interaction builds loyalty and will also increase traction as many customers will share interactions with their audience increase your brand recognition online.

Post regularly Being social and consistent on social media seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many brands fail to post often. Customers may think your company has ceased trading or halted especially in the current climate so remain active.

Engaging with both existing & new customers and followers is a perfect way to build a relationship but also to increase further interaction with your SME brand and gain brand trust. Posting regularly keeps your customers interested in your brand and aware of the business and what you are doing, including products, promotions & sales. Due to social media digital algorithms, not everyone will see all your posts, so remember to post frequently to increase exposure to your brands message. If you have a digital marketing budget, you can increase your chances by running paid advertisements alongside your social media posts to increase brand reach and increase your social media following.

It is also important to identify the best days of the week to post as it will help to maximise the reach of your message. To better understand your audience, think about the lifestyle of your average customer. Does your average customer shop on weekends or weekdays? Also monitor when your posts get the best traction and make sure to note these times of the week down.

Finally remain active and be personal. Social media is a critical branch of your overall customer service. 90% of consumers say they would rather interact with a brand online compared to other traditional methods.

Social media platforms offer these features, allowing brands to give their customers a better experience before & after their visit through personalised direct messages. Many companies do this well but so many don't and fail to help or show their personality online.

If a customer has an issue with your business they may turn to social media first which makes the issue public and therefore how you respond and handle this will help with this customer relationship but also brand perception by your audience as a whole.

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