The UK’s first online business festival is back to help SME owners during the COVID pandemic

The Like Minds “Lockdown Business Festival” is back next week from May 25 to May 29th providing advice and support to SMEs across the UK

Businesses owners need all the help they can get to keep their companies trading during the coronavirus outbreak. The SME club is here to support and offer advice and we are keen to make our members aware that they can receive some much-needed guidance and advice in the return of the UK’s first online business festival.

The “Lockdown Business Festival”, launched by the founder of LikeMinds Andrew Ellis, will include 30 experts from all across the world offering their tips, advice and strategies for businesses to manage and defeat the impacts of coronavirus lockdown.

The online Like Minds "Lockdown Business festival" will provide engaging and rewarding experience for business leaders and SME owners alike to help them address their concerns and hopefully help them through this difficult time.

Participants can watch each session alongside a virtual table of ten attendees, including the Masterclass host. The sessions run every hour from 9 am to 6 pm, every day for a week so that everyone can juggle childcare and other family duties around the individual sessions.

"The online Lockdown Festival is to help business pivot towards a more sustainable future where businesses can thrive online in a way they haven’t addressed before," Mr Ellis said.

 "Masterclass Sessions are being led by some of the leading global practitioners in digital transformation, change management, business funding, and mental health to help SMEs and business owners cope with the impact that the lockdown has had on our businesses," he says. "If you need help to bring your business fully online, pivot from your current strategy or just be made aware of the tools, strategies, and methodologies that you should look to implement during the current situation we’re all facing, this week-long series of hourly events are for you".

The online Like Minds "Lockdown Business festival" will run from 8 am Monday 25th May 2020 and wrap up at 6 pm on 29th May 2020.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit:

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