Tech solution to maximise shoppers safely in local shops - #saveourshops

As non-essential businesses re-open across the UK, a north Wales based SME is bringing StoreTally to market. It is a green light solution that not only gives the next shopper a visual cue and audio message telling them when it is safe to access your premises, it also maintains  a real time tally of customer numbers and stores a record of how many shoppers have been in your store at any one time.

The data is a useful feature for health and safety  audits and analysis of visitor or customer numbers to help smooth your return to maximising profits during the  Covid-19 recovery process.

The idea for StoreTally Ltd’s Visitor Density Management solution (VDM) came from a culmination of three people’s efforts, Doctor Rob Shepherd of Datacymru Ltd, Bethesda, Daniel Gillis a security installer from Conwy and Ioan Jones a dairy farmer from Ruthin, an innovator of technology in to the farming industry.

Daniel Gillis said: “During the first stages of the lockdown we noticed that most shops and stores were seeing high numbers of visitors with large numbers of people having to queue up for over an hour at some stores just to buy essential food items. “Stores had various methods of trying to manage their visitor numbers in compliance with social distancing requirements. We noticed this would usually require one or two and sometimes three members of staff with radios and handheld counters with varying degrees of success. We designed StoreTally as a less labour intensive solution to give shoppers clear guidance in this process.”

The StoreTally is manufactured to order but with capacity to supply chain store requirements. The simple green arrow system takes the pressure of door staff and allows them to greet customers and leave the number crunching up to the tech. With both a visual and audio cue the system is accessible to all shoppers.

The self-assembly StoreTally Concierge unit powers up, is operational within 90 seconds, is easy to operate and offers a very quick deployment solution. Their option to upgrade this to StoreTally Auto a fully automated counting solution for counting people in and out of store while maintaining a consistent number throughout the store. This will operate on double doors with separate in and out doors and single point of access. This is a fully GDPR compliant system as the system doesn’t use cameras as part of the count process.

StoreTally is already in use at busy DIY supplies store, Stermat in Colywn Bay.

A spokesperson for Stermat said: “We are really happy to have the system installed it is easy to operate and helps us to manage our visitor numbers.” 

The system is not only suitable for retail but as society safely reopens the StoreTally Visitor Density Management system is also suitable in public sector setting from libraries and leisure centres to museums and galleries.

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