Support Local - Tomorrow is 'Super Saturday' for many local businesses as they reopen post lockdown

Tomorrow will see many local SMES open in the UK as lockdown rules eases. Those UK SMES opening including pubs, restaurants & hairdressers and they need your support. Reopening after so many months of not being able to trade is costly as staff are taken off furlough and social distancing measures and govt legislation has to be put in place.

The SME club is urging the UK public to support their local businesses this weekend whilst following social distancing measure to ensure safety. These businesses need to get back on track fast and need a number summer to survive as one in three small businesses fears the damage done to them by Covid-19 may be terminal.

The easing of lockdown has seen huge queues as many large chains reopen such as McDonald's, Primark and many others but now the SME club urge UK consumers to show the same demand for your local shops, pubs, restaurants and other service that are the heart beat of your local community.

Remember that pubs and restaurants have to follow strict government guidelines to keep you safe so please be patient and help them reopen smoothly whilst you get to have a drink in your favourite local or a meal at your favourite restaurant.

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