Small Businesses are Losing Revenue by Not Implementing Easy Solution to Optimise Local SEO

Brand Highlighters is a leading digital services partner for hundreds of UK businesses and the industry experts believe millions of SMEs in the UK are missing out on growth opportunities by not utilising their websites. For many small business owners, they either don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to manage their digital solutions or they have had a bad experience and believe investing in their SEO and online solution as a whole is a waste of money. In fact a lot of local optimisation is free and is easy to implement.

The truth is SEO is a fantastic marketing tool for small business and can truly help increase traffic to their websites and build brand awareness both locally and nationally. In fact, digital optimisation is a vital tool for many businesses, is very cost-effective or even free for some local optimisation and if implemented correctly can help accelerate growth.

Google alone processes an impressive 8 billion searches every day and nearly 50% of all Google searches are made by people looking for local products and services. This is why local SEO has become one of the most important keys to business success, regardless of location or company scale.

The problem to date with many SEO solutions for small businesses are:

· The SEO industry often doesn’t attract creative experts, and this often means the strategies and tactics tend to focus less on customer psychology and more on data

· Because it can take time to see results providers often focus on quick wins to justify the investment and this impacts successful and strategic brand-building

· Unfortunately, the industry has attracted many unethical SEO providers who rely on quantity over quality and don’t offer a solution that will keep their clients for a long time.

At Brand Highlighters we focuses on assisting clients to improve their operational performance, deliver products and services more effectively and efficiently, and expand their operations both locally and into new markets across the UK and internationally. We offer a unique blend of creative and technical experts that allows us to deliver the best results at very competitive budgets.

Ankit Aggarwal, CEO of Brand Highlighters commented, “Put simply If you don't have a local SEO strategy for your business, you'll miss out on valuable online traffic. Local business owners simply cannot ignore an opportunity of harnessing growth through optimising their online proposition. In the past 20 years, Google has updated its algorithm several times to improve the quality of results in its search engine and the focus has been more on local searches and results.

Our team at Brand Highlighters understand small businesses and can work to ensure they maximise impact online both locally and nationally.”

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