Self-employed workers eligible for second coronavirus grant

Millions of self-employed people whose trade has been hit by coronavirus can now apply for a second support grant from the government.

More than three million people may be eligible for the payment of up to £6,570 each, which Chancellor Rishi Sunak said would be the final hand-out.

A number of self-employed people, however, such as directors who pay themselves in dividends, freelancers, and the newly self-employed, are unhappy at missing out on the government's self-employment support package.

Justin Small, Founder of The Future Strategy Club, commented:  "The nationwide lockdown, and the state of the economy, has had an extremely negative impact on self-employed contractors who have been out of work for a long period of time. Without any support from the government comparative to the furlough scheme offered to employees, contract workers have been well and truly left in the dark.

Although the second support grant for self-employed workers is now available, the damage has already been done to the freelancing industry. There are millions of high-skilled, hardworking self-employed individuals who were left behind by the government, forcing them to take drastic measures due to the effects of lockdown. These individuals now require much more support in order to springboard themselves back into work and make up for this incredibly tough period.

At The Future Strategy Club, we are beginning to find our freelance consultants are utilising our networks more than ever before. This is not just to help them find work but also learn from each other about the latest developments in the industry, trends and how to navigate this period."

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