#SaveOurShops - UK retail sales hit pre-pandemic levels

This morning, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said retail sales volumes rose by 3.6% between June and July. Clothing sales grew by 11.9% last month and people spent more money on petrol while online shopping fell by 7%.

It said sales are now 3% higher than February before the World Health Organization declared a pandemic and the UK was placed in lockdown. July's rise was not as pronounced as the previous two months. In May, retail sales had increased by 12% and in June they had risen by 13.9%.

Will Broome, CEO and Founder of retail technology app, Ubamarket, commented on the results and how retailers can continue to grow despite the COVID recession:  "These results are fantastic to see as more people feel more confident about venturing to the high street but with the COVID recession hitting, retailers do need to be prepared for another potential dip in sales. This has been one of the most turbulent time in the history of the high street with shops having to limit footfall, less customer interaction and more stringent safety measures. Retailers would do well to think of alternatives to drive sales while maintaining the safety and confidence of their clientele. 

Technology and in-app solutions, such as payments, personalised offers and in-store navigation can help upsell to customers remotely, utilising their previous shopping history and buying trends to increase spend and basket size. This will help retailers offer a highly personalised high street experience without risking unnecessary contact. This will keep staff and shoppers safe while increasing spend and helping them stave off the COVID recession and grow on the other side of the coronavirus crisis." 

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