Only 9% of businesses have a mental health policy

Research from accounting software experts Xero found that over a quarter of small business owners are too busy mental health, and nearly half of business owners believe that they could do more to support mental health in the workplace.

Due to COVID it’s more important than ever for SMEs to actively support the mental health of their workers and below are a number of simple things you can do to help

  • Stay connected – social connection is essential for our wellbeing. Although many business are now using video calls for meetings, you should schedule in less formal chats with teams to get together and bond, whether it’s a Friday drink, morning coffee, or even an exercise classes

  • Offer mental health support – Most good leaders will tell your workers that their mental health is important them which is a start but why not introduce an employee assistance programme, or even the Mental Health First Aider scheme so they can access genuine support if they need it

  • Financial support – `Talk to your staff about money worries as they can be a real emotional burden, and coronavirus has left many people’s personal finances in a precarious position. Try and build a resource and give them access to financial advice and guidance or even loans that can be paid off from their salary

The return to work

As restrictions begin to ease, many companies are planning and preparing for bring staff back to work.

As you prepare be sure to keep workers up to date on how this is going to happen as some may be anxious about exposing themselves to risksor getting pubic transport. They may also be worried about readjusting to office life after so many weeks of working from home or at least being stuck at home. It is also worth bearing in mind that some may even have suffered bereavements and need more time to grieve.

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