Online wine merchant saves small family run vineyards from going out of business during the pandemic

Online wine merchant saves small family run vineyards from going out of business during the pandemic. Ben Revell launched e-commerce platform in March 2018, combining his passion for wine and technology. The site connects wine producers and specialist merchants directly to the end consumer but doesn’t mark up any prices so the wine costs the same as if the consumer bought it from the vineyard.  


Based in Soho, London, the company has 40 employees, having created 12 jobs since the start of the lockdown. From March to June this year Revell has seen turnover increase by 800%. He has also saved the livelihoods of some small family run vineyards, who before the pandemic supplied restaurants and bars direct so saw the sales disappear overnight.  The platform lists over 100, 000 wines from 45 countries. 

Winebuyers is an online wine club with a difference. Winebuyers flips the traditional subscription model on its head. They charge their suppliers a monthly fee to list their products, with the platform being completely free to join and use for customers.

Producers and specialist wine merchants can enjoy increased exposure to their products, while wine lovers can access an unrivalled collection of some of the best wine producers and the most exciting wines available on the market, for no extra cost.

Using custom built APIs and machine learning technology, developed over 18 months, Winebuyers, which acts as a shop front for producers and specialist merchants, can instantly integrate with producer websites for automated real-time stock updates and by 2040, it is thought 95% of purchases will be facilitated by eCommerce (Nasdaq).

Winebuyers provides its members with access to over 50,000 different wines and spirits sourced from suppliers in 40 countries, all in one place. An average of fifteen suppliers a week are added to their site and they are currently growing at a rate of 1000 new members a day. Winebuyers Club membership for consumers is free and is dedicated to becoming both an educational and approachable community within the industry. In addition to access to a huge array of wines from around the world, members will also benefit from special offers, recommendations and advice from wine specialists.

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