Online Marketplace for Small Independent Businesses Launching This Summer

As high-street stores start closing down and customers continue shopping online, business

owners are looking for opportunities to promote and sell their products online. Pop Up United,

on a mission to keep creating ultimate shopping experiences, have been working on a


This summer, Pop Up United will be launching an online marketplace for start ups and

small independent businesses. For entrepreneurs, this will be a great platform to promote a

new brand; and for customers, it will be the best place to find exclusive deals, discounts and

new products. They have a varied selection of vendors registered and will be offering a range

of products from tasty vegan snacks to yoga programs to premium coffee from Uganda and

so much more.

To celebrate the launch of the marketplace, Pop Up United will be hosting a live stream

show throughout the day, allowing business owners to display their products and answer

questions from the comfort of their own home.

Founded in 2018, Pop Up United remain dedicated to organising shopping experiences

and have successfully held various pop up events in and around London. Following the

lockdown, Pop Up United believe they have found a way to create a virtual shopping

experience that is fun and enjoyable.

Damilola Harris, founder of Pop Up United said “Pop Up United was always about creating a

community of business owners and providing alternative methods of promoting your

products. The lockdown taught me that we can still create communities, grow together and

stay safe all at the same time.”

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