Number of shoppers visiting high-street nearly 30% down on pre-pandemic levels

New data from analyst Springboard shows that the number of people visiting the High Street to shop remains 28.7% below the same period in 2019 - the last pre-pandemic data available. The figure comes as a further indication that shopping habits have changed for good, with millions shifting their everyday purchases to Amazon. In fact, new research from marketplace experts Olsam Group shows that 58% of consumers now list Amazon as their first choice for shopping.

Part of what made this sudden shift possible was Amazon's growing ecosystem of Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) entrepreneurs, who account for around 60% of all sales on Amazon, in Bezos’ words, “Third-party sellers are kicking our first-party butt. Badly”. These FBA 'solo-preneurs' have allowed Amazon to go well beyond the world of books and into the realm of almost every consumer good imaginable. Making Amazon the one-stop shop for anything a consumer might need, something clearly demonstrated by new research from Olsam Group.

The landmark research from Olsam Group suggests that the online habits of British shoppers are here to stay, with millions now planning the bulk of their shopping with marketplaces such as Amazon.

  • 58% of Brits say Amazon is the first place they look when they need to buy something

  • 69% of Brits say there are many products that they will never stop buying online, even post-pandemic (31.4million)

  • 39% of Brits say most of their home purchases now come from the amazon marketplace (18.6million)

  • 16% of Brits are looking to start their own e-commerce business in 2021 (4.6million)

Ollie Horbye, co-founder of Olsam comments:

“These statistics demonstrate that the trend toward a new kind of retail business is neither temporary nor insignificant. The pandemic has changed the way consumers shop which is what is giving rise to the ever increasing popularity of the e-commerce business and the success that can come with it. Seeing this opportunity for business growth and clear gap in the market for offering a clear exit opportunity , we set up Olsam to help give these successful solo entrepreneurs an exit option while scaling their business significantly. It is a really exciting time to be at the cutting edge of retail.”

Sam Horbye, co-founder of Olsam comments:

“Amazon, its marketplace and other platforms like it are still growing at a tremendous pace, which lockdown has obviously accelerated. That is not to say, however, that it is because of lockdown that this trend has emerged – these statistics clearly show that. The way consumers purchase goods is constantly in flux, from small independent shops, to big high street chains and then onto online retail, it is now moving toward a marketplace model that creates one stop shops for whatever a consumer needs. To see that nearly 60% of Brits see Amazon as that “shop” demonstrates the power of FBA sellers, who make up over 50% of sales on the site already.”

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