Now the UK has secured an EU deal, post-Brexit Britain should look towards India

Now that the UK has secured a deal and left the EU, it should set its sights on the Indian subcontinent for a trade deal. Leading the charge with hard security, fintech, open internet initiatives, biotech and space technology, India is set to be a crucial partner going forward. Dominic Raab and Prime Minister Modi met in December, and Boris Johnson is also set to visit India this month to strengthen the relationship.

The UK-India trade and investment relationship is already worth around £24 billion and supports more than half a million jobs across the UK, providing great building blocks for a growing relationship going forward. And with India representing the third biggest hub of start-ups globally it could become even more crucial in the coming years.

Gaurav Singh, Founding Partner at JPIN VCATS, the biggest UK-India investment platform, comments on the importance of a solid relationship between the two countries:

“India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and presents huge potential as a key partner for trade and investment for the UK. India is a 21st century powerhouse and creating a strong UK-India trading relationship will help to fuel economic recovery in a post-Brexit, post-Covid UK.

“A trade deal will open the door to 1.3 billion potential customers for UK businesses, and provide opportunities for business improvement, consolidation, foreign expansion and diversification in a rapidly growing market.”

Gaurav is also available to discuss:

  • The importance of UK and India trade and future trade deals

  • The future of business investment with India

  • The growing startup hub that is the sub-continent

  • The impact of Brexit on the wider global ecosystem of SME investment

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