New Survey shows Alarming Results as 17% of Workers Witness Sexual Harassment in the Workplace as Mi

New national employee survey* by leading job site, RemoteWorker highlights how toxic many workplaces still are in the UK with millions of workers choosing to work from home to avoid bullying, homophobic behaviour and even sexual harassment.

The extensive national survey showed a staggering one in five (16%) of employees have witnessed homophobic behaviour in their workplace, a third of employees (31%) stated they had witnessed sexist behaviour and more disturbingly 17% had actually seen sexual harassment taking place in their workplace. Bullying (42%), offensive comments (37%) and discrimination (31%) topped the list of inappropriate behaviours that employees witnessed in the UK.

The survey painted a stark picture of the modern workplace and highlighted why so many workers prefer to work from home. Nearly all employees surveyed, 96%, said that working from home full or part-time was one of the most positive parts of their job.

RemoteWorker provides an all-encompassing remote working careers solution and offers thousands of job seekers access to the widest range of working-from-home opportunities across the UK and internationally. The leading job site processes thousands of jobs and offers the latest cutting-edge technology to give job seekers the best solution to escape the workplace and become location-independent.

Joe Boll, CEO at RemoteWorker, commented, “We believe every employee should have the choice to work independently from an office or workplace if possible. This is why we use the most cutting-edge tech to make it easy for anyone to find a new remote working role.

Our national employee survey has highlighted just how toxic many UK workplaces still are for many employees which is why employers need to offer roles that have the option to work remotely when looking to attract the best talent.”

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