Is the talent crisis set to get worse?

Over the past two years, the UK has seen a skills crisis the likes of which has never been seen, and now vacancies have soared to 1.2 million between September and November – according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS); that is 419,000 more jobs left unfilled than pre-pandemic. What seemed like a steady road to recovery has now been derailed by the Omicron variant, with the skilled industry again under threat as part-time job roles become more preferable for Brits.

With research demonstrating that Omicron is far more transmittable than previous variants, working from home schemes are likely to become more prevalent is most sectors. In an industry that is crucial for business development and sustainability, it is clear that traditional methods of recruitment is not a viable option for the skilled industry. With an average of 63 days to fill a vacancy and a cost upward of £10,000, it is clear that what is already a struggling industry needs to find alternative methods of filling vacancies.

With this in mind, DCSL GuideSmiths ( – a business that assists companies with digital transformation – are one of the leading businesses who implement "team augmentation" to market, filling vital vacancies in less than 3 weeks in some of the most sought-after and highly skilled sectors. Team augmentation ensures low costs while providing quality and maximum communication between employees and their clients. In addition, it provides greater flexibility for not only workers but also for clients.

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