IMPROVE Online has launched Partner Hub to help UK SME with HR services.

MICRO learning platform IMPROVE Online has launched Partner Hub; an

online portal that gives HR service providers a simple and cost-effective way

to offer learning and development to their SME clients.

Outsourced HR consultancies that sign up to the IMPROVE Partner Hub are

given access to an exclusive online platform, which allows them to manage

and set up training programmes for clients or have the option of providing

them with a referral link if their customer prefers to do it themselves.

Detailed reporting of user behaviour also provides a global overview of all

client accounts. This allows the HR service provider to spot trends and

business needs, creating opportunities to provide additional services as well

as greater customer support.

Steve Walker, CEO of IMPROVE Online, said: “The Partner Hub has been

specifically developed to empower the HR agencies we work with – allowing

them to offer services to their clients without needing learning and

development abilities or software inhouse.

“As well as being a fantastic tool for adding learning and development to a

provider’s list of services, the Partner Hub is a great way to build loyalty and

retain customers by offering access to training and learning as part of an

existing package. This type of added value and customer service has only

become more important recently due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

As part of the launch, IMPROVE Online is offering new customers 30 days of

free access to the Partner Hub from the first day of each month – again

providing further value to the end-user and helping IMPROVE’s customers to

bolster their own services.

Steve added: “This type of learning and development management has

traditionally only been available to large PLCs - this is the first time that a hub

of this type has been made available to HR consultancies of all sizes and

ultimately, with end-user SME clients with up to 250 employees.

“Our customers also get the benefit of our team’s extensive 20 years’

experience in the market and always being on hand to help support them with

the initial setup structure as well as any ongoing advice and queries.”

HR consultancies can add an unlimited number of clients who can access

each Platform Hub account with new, engaging training courses being added

regularly and can also benefit from adding their own courses and materials.

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