How is the beauty industry adapting to mask wearing with innovative treatments

Cosmetic treatment company Uvence has defied the odds by spring-boarding through the Coronavirus era with booming success. As the cosmetic treatments industry undergoes huge growth, with top practices such as the Cadogan Clinic seeing a 100% increase in bookings from last year, Uvence is riding the wave to bring forth their innovation in aesthetics.

As the UK's first 100% natural cosmetic procedure, Uvence has harnessed the widespread demand for non-surgical treatments as a way to successfully launch into an industry which has grown by over 55% in under a decade. 

With the regulations surrounding masks compelling us into a world which prioritises the aesthetics of the eyes and forehead, Uvence offers a fully-regulated, on-demand tool for skin rejuvenation.

Pioneered by leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Olivier Amar, the procedure is the only one of its kind fully regulated by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA). Uvence is rolling out in clinics across Britain to disrupt what is a rapidly growing £3bn industry in the UK, with 90% of which being made up of non-surgical treatments. The company, which launched its treatment in London last month, is backed by a suite of private investors hailing from the UK, France, Monaco, Greece, the Middle East and Canada. Following their early success and growing popularity, Uvence is currently preparing for a raise later this month. Reece Tomlinson, Profit500 business leader and CEO of Uvence:

"As we enter a post-Covid world, the aesthetic medical space is in the midst of a dramatic change. The demand for mask-friendly cosmetic treatments is seeing huge growth, and Uvence provides just that. 

We viewed the utilisation of the body’s own capacity to repair itself as being a prime opportunity to provide the next generation of treatment options for patients. The cosmetic surgery market is expected to be worth $43.9bn by 2025, and we believe that Uvence's process, technology, and storage facilities offer a genuinely game-changing alternative to invasive cosmetic treatments." 

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