How can retailers improve safety while maintaining sustainability goals in a post-lockdown climate?

Both throughout and following the lift in lockdown, the UK's retailers have reacted and adapted admirably to the Coronavirus crisis. By implementing various measures to keep their customers safe some including floor markings, protective screens, mandatory masks and improved sanitisation, the retail sector has put the safety of their consumers first.

However, it remains incredibly important that retailers are able to maintain their safety standards, while also prioritising sustainability.  According to Greenpeace, UK supermarkets are responsible for 58 billion pieces of plastic a year, and this number may have grown due to the larger number of people buying products to cook from home. 

Ubamarket- an app pioneering in retail technology - has commissioned nationally representative research that showcases exactly why environmental awareness has become such a concern for retailers as of late, and justifies the need for retailers to implement mobile technology:

  • 82% - nearly 43 million - of UK shoppers believe the level of plastic packaging on food and drink products needs to be changed drastically

  • 57%, or 30 million, think that plastic pollution is the single greatest threat to life and the environment in modern history

  • 77% of Brits, representing more than 40 million nationally state that, no matter how much they recycle, it is the manufacturers and supermarkets that are causing the most plastic pollution

Will Broome, CEO and Founder of Ubamarket, understands the importance of sustainability better than most. As pioneers of mobile technology, Ubamarket aims to help traditional retailers to compete with e-commerce, and place a great deal of importance on enabling these retailers to improve their sustainability:

"With grocery and supermarket sales increasing during lockdown, it is now of utmost importance that retailers maintain a safe environment while making more sustainable advancements. In a post-Coronavirus climate, sustainability is essential for retailers that want to prosper, as we move and develop into a more environmentally conscious society. 

By implementing mobile technology, such as that provided by Ubamarket, retailers will be able to get ahead of the curve; it can improve in-store safety and efficiency while also providing access to useful data for the retailer. Furthermore, Ubamarket's Plastic Alerts feature allows customers to shop according to the recyclability and environmental footprint of different products, and enables the customer to scan packaging for information on whether it can be widely recycled or not. 

It is my hope that we see more sustainability initiatives in the coming weeks and months, and I strongly encourage retailers to look into the benefits of mobile technology, for sustainability and increased success."

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