How an SME is dumping its office space post COVID19 and creating a hybrid system

Charged Up is Europe’s largest phone charging network and a UK SME that is adapting to the new normal by creating a hybrid system to allow staff to feel happy and offer the best of both - working from home and the fun office environment. Their charging stations can be found in pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and shopping malls across the UK and Germany.

Before the pandemic ChargedUp had large offices in Shoreditch for their 60+ staff. Once news of the virus spread, ChargedUp rapidly moved to homeworking. And now that businesses are being allowed to reopen and staff return to work, ChargedUp has given notice on its large office in Shoreditch and is switching to a much smaller space.

Members of the team will work from home most of the time, with just two days per week in-person.  The company will then hire a 70-person meeting room whenever it needs to get everyone together.

Before C19, the entire ChargedUp team would meet for beers on a Friday after work – and this is something everyone wanted to continue. So, founder Hugo Tilmouth has booked the 70-person meeting room for every Friday going forward. The team will all meet together, and then head out afterwards for their traditional Friday Beers.

We can offer ChargedUp CEO Hugo Tilmouth for interview. He can talk about how the business has coped during C19, plans for the future, and their new, more flexible, system of home/office working.

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