Helpful interview skills to help you understand how to recruit the best for your SME

Menno Olsthoorn, a spokesperson from, shares tips on the interview skills you

need in order to get hired:

‘The interview process can be unnerving, especially if you are still looking to gain experience in a particular field.

The best advice we can give is:

1. Be prepared - Part of having a successful interview comes from taking the time to prepare for it. We suggest you re-read the job description several times so that you are capable of discussing the position and the requirements associated with it comfortably. Think about how you can illustrate the desired skills with the experience you have.

2. Don’t forget to listen - Showcasing your ability to be a good listener is incredibly important.Listening skills demonstrate your thoughtfulness and ability to work in a team. 

3. Show interest, not desperation - Your interviewer wants to hire the best candidate, not the most desperate candidate. Present yourself as highly qualified and professional. That is what employers are looking for.

4. Show gratitude - Once your interview is over, it is important that you end it on a high note. Smile, shake hands, say thank you, and reiterate your interest in the job if you can fit it in

organically. Later that day or evening, follow up with a thank-you email to further communicate your interest in the position. This will help you stand out from the other candidates.’

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