HALF of Brits haven’t used cash since the start of lockdown

New research from British retail tech pioneers Ubamarket has revealed that 50% of shoppers, pub-goers and restaurant customers have not used cash since the lockdown began, whilst 4 in 10 Brits report that they will no longer use cash in shops or hospitality venues due to hygiene concerns and the convenience of contactless payments. 

In light of this, Ubamarket has developed a comprehensive mobile app, which enables any supermarket, store, bar or restaurant to offer a more hygienic, convenient and personalised service to customers. Amongst other features, Ubamarket enables in-app, one touch payments in shops as well as hospitality venues, eradicating the need for cash whilst adding to the customer experience. 

This news comes as the retail and hospitality sectors fight to recover from the devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst the sectors have now begun a slow recovery from months of closure during lockdown, many of Britain’s largest retailers have reported widespread store closures, and one in five hospitality bosses say they will not reopen all of their venues post-lockdown. 

Now, Britain’s shops, pubs, bars and restaurants face the task of rebuilding consumer confidence in a post-COVID landscape. This promises to be no small feat, as Ubamarket’s research showed that 43% of Brits want their shopping experience to require as little human interaction as possible and over one-third of people say that they experience significant anxiety at the self-checkouts. 

This research points to an overwhelming desire amongst Britain’s consumers for retailers and hospitality venues to modernise and offer a safer, more convenient experience. 

Key stats:

  • 50% of people in Britain (over 23 million) haven’t used cash at all since the start of lockdown and have relied exclusively on card and contactless payments

  • 43% of Brits (over 20 million) want their shopping experience moving forward to require as little human interaction as possible

  • Over one-third (34%) of Brits say that the self-checkouts cause significant anxiety due to hygiene concerns and proximity to other shoppers

  • 4 in 10 Brits will no longer use cash when shopping or when in bars or restaurants due to concerns around the transfer of germs

  • 62% of Brits (28 million) want to be able to complete their supermarket shop and exit the store in under 20 minutes

Ubamarket’s mobile app allows customers to scan products as they shop, be guided around the store with a supermarket sat-nav, and completely bypass the tills and queues by paying for their shopping in-app. uBARmarket – the hospitality version of the shopping app – allows customers to search for app-enabled venues, book tables and order remotely, enjoy personalised discounts and offers, and pay in-app. 

Will Broome, CEO of Ubamarket, discusses the research looking into consumer sentiments towards shopping and hospitality post-lockdown, and shares insight into how the retail and hospitality sectors must evolve to succeed in a post-COVID world:

"The research clearly shows that the Coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed the way in which British consumers want to purchase their goods and enjoy the experience of dining or drinking in bars, pubs and restaurants."

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