Festivals are becoming the new canvas for summer retail as guaranteed footfall descends en-masse

For the first time since the advent of Covid, large-scale festivals are back on the agenda, and with them comes a high density of consumers. In 2019, over 5 million people attended over 1,000 music festivals across the UK, contributing over £1.7 billion in Gross Value Added to the economy according to a report conducted by the House of Commons. The UK’s diverse festival scene not only has an eager clientele awaiting to return, but also represents a huge opportunity for brands to collaborate and utilise an industry that is adapting how they make the use of their space to bring a new, revitalised attraction to a refreshed audience. Location Live – the marketing industry’s go-to platform for booking campaign space – has found that for this reason, festivals are set to become the most important destination for summer retail.

Live event or festival spaces are the ideal locations for brands to capture a variety of potential customers, as they bring together people from a range of demographics to create a concentrated audience who are relaxed and open to experiences. Traditionally, utilising these spaces for activations and experiential marketing ventures hasn’t been easy. Now, through a series of notable partnership agreements, Location Live’s online platform lo:live can now facilitate for agencies to have direct contact with festival owners and organisers whose venues can add to their consumer experience. Location Live, the UK’s premier location scouts for marketing campaigns, compiled their industry data-driven report, the LO:DOWN 1.0., to reveal how global brands are changing how they reach their key audiences. The report found that 81% of searches on their digital location scouting platform lo:live specifically filtered to locations with a greater than 50% ABC1 demographic. This represents how uncertainty over footfall predictions caused brand campaign strategies to re-think how they target their demographic, with a ‘quality over quantity’ targeted approach taken. Kevin Cavilla, Chief Technology Officer at Location Live, analyses how the data captured in the report details the revival of the retail industry: "The purpose of lo:live was to radically expand the marketplace by taking the complexity out of the location search-and-book process in experiential marketing. lo:live removes transactional barriers and cuts out unnecessary intermediaries and mark-ups. However, we also knew when we were designing the architecture of this intelligent ‘self-service’ platform how powerful lo:live would be as window into the marketplace and the very pulse of campaign planning. lo:live captures UK-wide data from real-time transactions so that the platform’s AI-powered analytics can filter the data for insights into emerging space trends, supply and demand indicators, and market behaviour by industry sector and target consumer demographics."

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