Face coverings are now mandatory for all retail staff

The Prime Minister announced earlier this week that face coverings are now mandatory for all retail staff, with severe fines of up to £10,000 for those who do not adhere to these guidelines from today. This legislation comes as part of the new Covid-19 guidelines put in place as a measure to make sure that businesses can remain open, while stemming the spread of the virus as cases continue to rise. 

With signs of panic buying reoccurring in shops, this legislation may help to curb the anxiety felt by shoppers as tighter restrictions have been put in place. However, Ubamarket, a pioneering app in retail technology, has found that over one-third of Brits (34%) believe that self-checkouts cause them significant anxiety due to hygiene concerns and proximity to other shoppers. These new legislations and concerns are bound to have an impact on consumer demand and behaviour and Ubamarket's new, nationally representative research showcases exactly this.

Key statistics:

  • 50% of Brits found that being able to do a weekly shop at their local supermarket through COVID was vital to combating isolation in lockdown

  • 50% of people in Britain (over 23 million) haven’t used cash at all since the start of lockdown and have relied exclusively on card and contactless payments

  • 43% of Brits (over 20 million) want their shopping experience moving forward to require as little human interaction as possible

  • 38% of Brits  found that since lockdown, they have used online shopping more but have found it to be inefficient due to insufficient delivery slots and replacement items

  • Over one-third (34%) of Brits say that the self-checkouts cause significant anxiety due to hygiene concerns and proximity to other shoppers

  • 4 in 10 Brits will no longer use cash when shopping or when in bars or restaurants due to concerns around the transfer of germs

  • 62% of Brits (28 million) want to be able to complete their supermarket shop and exit the store in under 20 minutes

Will Broome, CEO of Ubamarket (https://ubamarket.com/), and a leading authority in the retail sector, has been instrumental in the development of a retail shopping app. This introduces features such as scan-as-you-shop, aisle sat-nav, in-app payment and till-less checkout to help retailers offer a more streamlined and safe environment for both customers and staff. Now, Will comments on the measures and discusses how the shopping experience will change indefinitely throughout the pandemic and beyond:

“The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the retail landscape as we knew it, and we now know the full extent of the danger posed by the Coronavirus, especially for the nation’s retail workers. Mandatory mask-wearing in stores will not only help to protect retail workers and customers from the virus, but will also help to curb some of the anxiety felt as businesses continue to remain open. 

With over a third of Brits finding that self-checkouts cause significant anxiety, our research clearly shows that the Coronavirus pandemic has shed light on how integral the supermarket is to British consumers, and the different ways they want to purchase their goods.

The implementation of retail technology will allow retailers to go further by solving a number of the problems posed by Coronavirus. Providing tech solutions, such as a consumer app, can put shoppers in control and will unlock a range of features such as remote stock-checking, till-less checkout and aisle sat-nav, all of which will greatly enhance the shopping experience and develop a safer, more convenient environment.”

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