ExcludedUK responds to e-Petitions to help UK SME owners excluded by the Govt's COVID support scheme

ExcludedUK has thanked the Govt Petitions Committee for finally bringing the critical debate to Parliament about the ongoing issue that the movement has been campaign for. The campaign affects nearly 3 million UK taxpayers including many UK SME owners and many of their employees too.

ExcludedUK is a grassroots NGO, and has become a collective platform and voice for those completely or largely excluded from UK Government Covid-19 financial support measures that were announced in March and April as lockdown started. The movement has had a rapidly growing community of 11k Facebook group followers.

The fact that this debate was held, especially as so many parliamentary petitions that have been circulating covering all the key issues surrounding the exclusions in the government Covid-19 support measures, is testament to the quick growth in the excluded movement and the widespread concern and fear to the livelihood and businesses excluded. The exclude included anyone who was due to start a new job, those who have recently set up a new business, many who are serving their communities as small businesses and SMEs, and those whose had parental leave from work during the lockdown.

Speaking during the debate, Stephen Hammond MP (Conservative) highlighted the gaps that many of his own constituents fall into with the govt support scheme and suggested quick and simple adjustments to the current eligibility criteria could easily fix many of these gaps. Jamie Stone MP (SNP), who put forward EDM #351 in support of small and medium limited companies, initially raised the issue of the 3 million excluded. Rushanara Ali MP (Labour) and a member of the Treasury Committee, called for a credible economic plan to “tackle inequalities”, referring again to the 1 million falling through gaps in support as identified in last weeks’ Treasury Committee report.

The ExcludedUK movement continues to maintain that there seems to be no rationale or fair justification for these exclusions and that the Chancellor's repeated assertion that no is being left behind and everyone is being helped simply not the case. ExcludedUK continue to urge the Government to recognise the unfairness and disparities resulting from these exclusions and calls for an urgent redress for the 3 million excluded from the govt support.

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