Envestors raises £2m to launch a digital marketplace for UK start-ups and investors

Today Envestors has announced it has secured £2m in funding to grow its digital marketplace for start-up investment. The marketplace, powered by Envestors’ white-label investment platform Envestry, facilitates all aspects of investment, making it easier for start-ups to raise investment and for investors to grow their investment portfolios.

Partnering with networks, accelerators and incubators, Envestors provides a branded site where they can engage investors, promote deals and uniquely connect to other networks.

The Envestry platform has already attracted a number of UK startups including: SetSquared, the number one global incubator, a collaboration between the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey; Bristol-based network Plerith; soon-to-launch OBN Ventures, the life sciences membership organisation; and Prospedia Capital which focuses on advanced automotive technologies.

This new investment will be used to:

· Grow the network of partners using Envestry, including accelerators, incubators, universities, angel networks and larger enterprise clients.

· Enhance the platform, building on ‘smart matching’ functionality

· Develop Envestors’ investment readiness services, to help start-ups increase their chances of raising capital

Currently the investment space is fragmented, with lots of different organisations involved in matching start-ups with investment. They are all doing a great job, but they are disconnected, each having to reinvent its own wheel, and each serving a niche based on region, sector, stage or affiliation (e.g. universities, membership bodies, events companies).

This means start-ups have to do a lot of leg work to get in front of investors and investors themselves typically have to join half a dozen networks to get access to enough investment opportunities to build their portfolio.

There is no one place to go to find investment or to find investment opportunities – and there needs to be. With a single, central place, we can help start-ups thrive and investors get access to the best deals.” says Oliver Woolley, CEO of Envestors.

“The industry has also been slow to adopt digital, with many feeling that face-to-face meetings and pitching events are the best way forward. But behaviours have shifted in the last ten years to the point where that argument doesn’t hold water. All purchasing decisions, whether you’re buying a pair of jeans, a new car or building your investment portfolio, start online with browsing and initial research.”

Envestors aims to solve these challenges by creating the single marketplace for start-up investment in the UK.

For more information see: https://www.envestors.co.uk/products/startup-investment-marketplace/

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