England's hospitality sector is facing another potential lockdown- how can the industry survive?

Surging Coronavirus cases have caused the Government to enforce further Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, with particular emphasis in the hospitality sector in northern England. Possible hospitality closures and the new three-tier "traffic light" system for the local lockdown rules have been put into place as a measure to stem the spread of Coronavirus, and avoid a second lockdown. However, the closure of hospitality venues has been met with much dispute, as the sector is known to already be on the brink of survival. 

In order to survive, it is of utmost importance that the hospitality sector adopts nimble technologies that will allow venues to respond quickly and safely to the challenges Coronavirus throws their way. Technology such as that provided by NOMM will enable bars and pubs to offer a range of features, including remote ordering, in-app payments and automatic loyalty points, offering a more convenient and streamlined experience for customers, whilst providing hospitality companies to implement and maintain hygiene and safety measures with ease.  To enable seamless integration with the POS systems of various pubs and bars, NOMM have partnered with hospitality industry specialists, PowerEPOS, who offer a range of cloud-based POS systems for the hospitality sector.

Will Broome, CEO of NOMM, comments on the need for nimble and innovative technology in bars and pubs amid the Covid-19 crisis:

“The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on every sector of British business, and the hospitality industry stands to be one of the hardest hit sectors, with the possible closure of bars, pubs and restaurants once again.

As Covid cases surge, it is of paramount importance that these hospitality businesses are able to continue to trade, whilst still maintaining hygiene and safety standards and offering a quality customer experience. Mobile technology represents a key solution to a number of the challenges posed by increased safety and hygiene measures, by enabling features such as in-app payments and remote ordering which can dramatically cut down on person-to-person contact, overcrowding and potentially dangerous interactions in the venue.  Ultimately, tech-based solutions such as NOMM will help bars, pubs and other hospitality venues to dramatically improve the convenience, speed and safety of their customer experience, leading to increased popularity, success and growth beyond the Coronavirus crisis.”

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