Christmas spending helps lift retail sales for first time in 6 months

New figures from the Office for National Statistics reveals that retail sales rose by 0.8% in October this year - 5.8% higher than their pre-pandemic levels in February 2020. This was due to a 4.2% surge in spending at department stores, clothing outlets, and second-hand shops, as non-food stores was the only main retail sector that experienced a rise. Alongside this rise in consumer expenditure on retail and a non-existent 2020 Christmas in light of events and social activities, Christmas 2021 to set to be a season for activations like never before - and Location Live is the platform facilitating our festive operations in a playing field that has changed since pre-Covid.

For brands, the opportunity to reimagine space for activations comes at a high this year. A declining footfall in the wake of the pandemic - which decreased year-on-year by 34.6% in high-streets, 31.5% in shopping centres and 10.8% in retail parks as social restrictions on movement took effect - has left thousands of spaces empty, with forward-thinking innovations from brands one factor that aims to change this downward trend - especially with many consumers excited to reimmerse themselves in experiential spaces this festive season.

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