‘Change a Billion Minds’ – charity launch - Helping SMEs improve the wellbeing of their staff

Abicord, a ‘not for profit’ company, this week announces the launch of ‘Change a Billion Minds’ (www.changeabillionminds.com) – which aims to improve the world and the lives of everyone in it.

How? By giving 1billion people, worldwide, the ‘mindset’ needed to create an amazing life for themselves and, if they wish, help to bring about these changes for others.

At the heart of the project is a web-based, life skills training called Positive Mind Training (www.positive-mind-training.com). This was developed by Abicord and has already provided major life-change to thousands of clients.

The training develops a powerful mindset, along with exceptional resilience (including dealing with Covid19-related issues), high achievement and enhanced relationships. In short, it creates amazing lives and transforms organisations.

The aim now is to bring this approach to more people and enable 1billion people across the planet to create amazing lives for themselves and others.

“By bringing Positive Mind Training to 1billion people, we’ll not just have created a billion amazing lives; we’ll have created a billion powerful mindsets. These mindsets, when applied to their jobs, organisations and everyday lives, will have the power to bring about a better world for everybody,” explained founder and chartered psychologist Graham W Price.

Organisations, struggling to survive the consequences of the current pandemic, can empower their staff with this training and improve their competitive advantage.

By harnessing the power of every graduate of Positive Mind Training to create an exponentially growing army of highly motivated ambassadors for the project, the target of reaching 1billion people in the next five years is achievable. Graduates of the training are invariably enthusiastic about it and love to gift the training to others and earn rewards.

100% of the net profit from the training is used to reward promoters, fund a variety of community projects designed to further the goals of Change a Billion Minds and charities able to support the project.

For example, the project is working with homeless people. Ambassadors persuade the homeless to attend the life-changing ‘Positive Mind Training’ webinars and seminars, free at locations Abicord provides and funds. The training helps ensure limiting beliefs and behaviours, including any drug and alcohol dependencies, are resolved and mindsets changed and empowered. Change a Billion Minds then supports them into work and, initially, into shared private accommodation and later, into creating partnerships, families and their own accommodation. Graduates are invited to join the Forum, to help others and to earn rewards.

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