Britain's top brains now backing UK SMEs

Britain’s 50+ year history of agency culture powers a £1.7 trillion market, with questionable delivery given that a fifth of UK businesses are now failing. Disenfranchised further by the latest crisis-blow of Covid-19, today, The Future Strategy Club (The FSC) has launched a revolutionary overhaul of the agency status-quo. Introducing The FSC Hollywood Model to UK companies, founders and decision makers are now able to hand-pick the best minds in business, without the traditional agency baggage, expensive offices and pitch-heavy promises. As the emergence of budget-strapped, resource depleted businesses reaches fever-pitch post Covid-19, a zero-tolerance stance is emerging from the business community. Humouring agency traditions that muddy the final return on fees paid is now an impossibility. At the helm of change, The FSC introduces the new era of brand consultancy, eradicating the strong-hold of glossy agency culture.

How The FSC Hollywood Model Works 

Titled – The FSC Hollywood Model - The FSC combines curated teams of the best agency and consulting talent in the UK, with tried and tested methodologies, producing one-of-a-kind superstar teams for the full range of agency briefs. Across strategy, innovation, creative, sales, legal, finance and much more, The refreshing approach matches members’ experience and skills with every element of the project at hand. The FSC’s offer has traditionally been preserved for established brands who have access to the best in in-house talent. Now, with the disruptive entrance of The FSC Hollywood Model to the UK’s agency landscape, previously hard to access talent has been disintermediated, partnering top-end skill-sets with hands-on seniority. With many businesses having to pivot their offering swiftly during the COVID lockdown period, the demand for high-level business transformation experts with experience in the market has exploded.

Whether it be a small, growing business or an established institution, having talent on tap can be expensive and not fit for purpose on a permanent basis. The product has been built around a Hollywood model, bringing together the best possible talent for single projects at the exact moment it is needed.

Who’s on Your Team 

The launch of The FSC Hollywood Model delivers capabilities as limitless as the skill sets backing it, a collective of powerhouse talent with thousands of years of combined experience at C-Suite level. Members include the CTO of Mothercare, VP at Sony Pictures, Digital Director at The Times, Head of Future Work at Santander and Head of Intelligence for the Royal Marines. Leveraging a yet unseen collective of experience working together in this manner, banished are the traditions of pitch promise let downs, junior bench teams or mediocre outputs – all glamourised with redundant KPIs. 

Six Pillars of the FSC’s Hollywood Model

The structure sits on six pillars to ensure the best possible value proposition for businesses, big and small:


The model is unique – The Future Strategy Club brings together the best, most experienced client-side and agency talent specifically with the execution of your brief in mind.


The FSC’s talent have worked across most industries and brands - and delivered everything from complex transformations to new platforms to new innovative products & services.


The Future Strategy Club’s approach is informed by their years of combined experience working to solve clients challenges and helping them take advantage of opportunities.


All The Future Strategy Club’s talent are members of the Club and are immersed in the club culture & values that make them so different to your standard agency, consultancy or professional service platform. Team culture is critical to the success of any project.


All The FSC’s teams are hands-on - who you meet on the pitch is who you will work with on the project. They don’t overlay unnecessary and costly levels of seniority on the project – The FSC bake the seniority into the delivery team from the get go.


At heart, The FSC are practitioners who believe in the craft and quality of their work. They care about what they do and how they deliver it, and The FSC build long-term partnerships with their clients from day one.

Justin Small, Founder of The Future Strategy Club, commented on the launch of The FSC Hollywood Model: 

“The traditional agency model of high costs and questionable delivery is no longer fit for purpose. A time of incredible turmoil for UK businesses means that now, more than ever, cost and results delivered are of paramount importance. The way The FSC Hollywood model works allows businesses to bring in the top level talent they need without the cost or commitment of a full time contract. It also means that you receive hands on work by leading experts without paying for any middle management as would normally be the case. The model – much like a blockbuster film – allows businesses at every level to assemble their dream team of experts to tackle the specific challenge they may be facing. Whether that be pivoting a business model to cope with a global pandemic, or how to scale an unexpectedly rapid growth of the business.”

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