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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the tsunami of technology that threatens to change everything in our 21st century lives?

Star Wars, the movie, 35 years ago displayed the use of hand-held phones. The arrival of one-time science fiction into the world of the everyday, where the former fantasy has become commonplace normal? It is happening everywhere, from the way we shop to the way we socialise, and even the way we interact with utility companies, who these days prefer to do business via social media!

Acceptance of new technology and a willingness to learn how to be its master unlocks a raft of new possibilities. And it all starts with the smartphone. Although they are undoubtedly smart, they are far more than phone. Through the harnessing of AI and machine learning they have become powerful tools and have become the device of choice. Imagine; they can read you heartbeat, your blood pressure, your sugar-level, tell you how well you slept, guide you through traffic and even help doctors to treat your ailments and make you well. All those things were mere fiction only a couple of decades ago…

Scared ?

Some of us are. But many are embracing this change. The biggest barrier to acceptance can be our own psyche and the fear that, for some, lives within it. Breaking it down that can be the doorway to a new and simpler world – because the world is changing, and we must change with it. The change can be gradual and go unnoticed until we must interact with it. Young people these days do not use cheque books and have no clue about how to use a phone hard wired to the world and operated by turning a numbered dial.

It makes mundane things simple and non-relevant. The current pandemic is a case in point. Doctors, over the internet, with immense compute power, share ideas and experiments to come up with a cure in record time. Once again, automation does much of the “magic” in terms of highspeed number and scenario crunching.

ExpenseOnDemand – in the vanguard of expense management

During the two decades of the ExpenseOnDemand expense management app we have experienced a rollercoaster of emotion as we developed our own technology. We have been as the forefront of automation, and we have experienced the fear of technology so that our clients do not have to. We have harnessed AI and machine learning to place power in the hands of our users. Put simply, they can photography a receipt, which automatically creates an expense, and then submit it in seconds for approval. The approver gets an alert on their phone. Views the expense, the receipt, analyse (where required) the history for similar expenses and approve it – all in seconds rather than days.

Contrast this to the paper process, where expense details are hand-written on a paper sheet, totals are checked manually, the receipt is attached, and then it is physically delivered for approval. Madness, isn’t it? The approver takes a few days to approve, where questions and answers go back and forth, and frustration levels rise by the minute!

You do not need to know how we have achieved the development process and more than you need to know how your car engine, or your central heating boiler works. What you need to know is that they do what they are supposed to.

We have automated and fine-tuned the expense management process to the point where a customer can be on-board in less the ONE minute and go on to invite a few colleagues and start a trial in under three! As many as 100 people can ‘go live’ within a few hours.

This is the power of automation, where a mundane process has been simplified to the extent that it can save your organisation at least a week each month – 3 months in a year !. And the benefit of that? Your expense management process will be streamlined and more accurate, and you will have more time to do more business – or just give yourself some personal space to rebuild your mental health. And who could not use that, in the heart of a pandemic?

About ExpenseOnDemand

ExpenseOnDemand was founded in 2003 with a vision to enable companies and their talent to focus on their core job by offering a smart, simple, and intuitive expense management solution. We serve as a one stop solution for all the expense management needs of small and medium size businesses. Our goal is to offer customers a leap in value. Our mission is to help SMBs automate their employee expense process at a price which is not a burden for any business. We help SMBs drop the data entry, go paperless and spend more time doing what they love.

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