As thousands of SMEs are on the brink of failing, how could world-leading talent help save them?

EY ITEM Club have announced their new predictions for the UK economy, and ushered in a new wave of turbulence, set to potentially last for over four years. Now, the economic forecasting group has predicted that the economy will not match 2019 Q4 levels until the end of 2024, with overall GDP looking to decrease by 11.5% this year.

Along with this, the Financial Times has reported that now 16,000 more UK SMEs are struggling financially compared to March. Nearly a quarter of small firms have also cut jobs, despite having help from the Government's furlough scheme. The signs point to a period of financial uncertainty, therefore, and firms must seek to innovate in order to help their business stand out and survive the next few years.

As businesses continue to look for ways to survive in a post-COVID economy, having access to some of the UK's best creative and business talent will be more difficult than ever before. Introducing The FSC Hollywood Model to UK companies, founders and decision makers are now able to hand-pick the best minds in business, designed to help teams innovate and come out of the pandemic stronger than ever before.

How The FSC Hollywood Model Works 

Titled – The FSC Hollywood Model - The FSC combines curated teams of the best agency and consulting talent in the UK, with tried and tested methodologies, producing one-of-a-kind superstar teams for the full range of agency briefs.  With many businesses having to pivot their offering swiftly during the COVID lockdown period, the demand for high-level business transformation experts with experience in the market has exploded.

Whether it be a small, growing business or an established institution, having talent on tap can be expensive and not fit for purpose on a permanent basis. The product has been built around a Hollywood model, bringing together the best possible talent for single projects at the exact moment it is needed.

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