41% of women have taken time off for health issues they didn't want to discuss with their boss

To attract and keep female parent employees, and to have them perform at their highest level, employer policies must acknowledge and reflect real life. But it can be hard to address Returners’ challenges, if you don’t always know what they are. Today, in June 2020, the life of a working or returning parent is more stressful than ever, and this is a ‘juggle’ like never before. Physical and mental health may be further compromised due to isolation and anxiety.

Many women are dealing with health issues they are unlikely to discuss at work, but that directly affect mental health, confidence and ability to thrive or excel in the workplace, remote or otherwise. These symptoms mean she’s less focused, less able to perform physically and is taking frequent breaks due to discomfort, anxiety and distraction. The result could also be more sick days, less focus and decreased productivity and happiness at work.

MUTU System study of 150 women found that:

  • 30% of women say that pelvic health issues have affected their performance or focus at work.

  • 41% of women have taken time off work for health issues that they did not want to discuss with their boss.

  • 36% of women have dealt with anxiety, embarrassment or discomfort at work due to pelvic health issues

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