Legal support is something you hopefully won't require much as you build and manage your SME but running a business can be challenging and if you do require any legal advice we have put together a list below of helpful resources and companies who specialising in supporting SMEs.

We only list the best providers on our resourcing pages to help you understand the options and find the best one for your business.

The Law Society

The Law Society offers a huge amount of advice for SME and they can also put you in touch with a specialist lawyer should you require one. They have put together a handy legal checklist for SMEs and have a lot of other useful resources.


Lawyers specialised in Business Law to provide high quality, fast legal advice at rates SMEs can afford. They also have a library of contracts and useful documents for you to help protect and manage your business.


Forward-thinking and technology-driven, they offer a different service to regular lawyers you’re used to. They work with startups and entrepreneurs who are working on solutions bigger than themselves.

Catalyst Law

Catalyst Law specialise in SME and has solicitors who understand businesses and the company has created a range of legal services which are clear, cost effective and can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Citizens Advice

A great starting point if you need some legal advice and can't necessarily afford a solicitor is to talk to the Citizens Advice. They also offer a lot of helpful advice and resources on their website.

Legal Choices

Legal Choices offers legal advice for your small business. You can find some helpful facts that matter if you have your own business and think you’ve got a legal issue. There is also practical advice and tips to help you get the support you need to sort things out.

Law Depot

The Law Depot offers a wide range of useful contracts for every aspect of running a small or medium business including share allocation, purchasing, employee contracts and many others.

Small Business Commissioner

The Small Business Commissioner website offers useful information and help with business contracts as they can be complex. It's important you fully understand the terms of a contract before you sign anything and seek legal and professional advice first if required