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Let’s make work better


80,000 hours. That’s how long most of us will spend at work in our lifetimes.


For something that takes up that much of our time, we think people deserve to get more out of it than a monthly pay cheque. And they definitely deserve more than lying awake on Sunday nights, worrying about the week ahead. They deserve to do their best work. To know they’re in a place where they can grow. To get to the end of the day, and feel like they’ve achieved something. So let’s do something about it. You’re reading this because you think that, too. You want to see what you can do to put your people first. (And when you do that, your bottom line sees the benefit.) We want to help you make work better.


We worked with hundreds of academics, business leaders and industry experts to design the latest version of our people framework, which we updated in 2015. (In the past, you might’ve seen it called ‘The Standard’.) All the points that make up the framework are based on research into what makes an organisation succeed in the long-term, and trends in how those successful organisations lead and support their people.

Getting accredited is just the start. 


Working with us isn’t about jumping through a series of hoops to get your accreditation. In a way, the real work starts once you’ve got your assessment report, and found out your level. That’s when you can start planning what changes you can put in place to make work better for your people. And the most important part of your report will be the recommendations; our suggestions for what to do next.

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We invest in apprentices

The right apprenticeship is the right person, in the right place at the right time.

But it does not happen by accident. It’s about attracting that person, providing space and support for them to grow. Then you’re both unstoppable!

We’ve worked with the Department of Education, apprentices employers big and small as well as with apprentices and their families, training providers and policy makers to create our assessment framework.


With help from some of the most trusted brands in the UK, from Nestlé to Bentley, the Ministry of Defence to the NHS  and Young Apprentice Ambassador Network, we’ve built this framework to help you create successful and powerful apprenticeship programmes.

For almost 30 years Investors in People have worked to make work better and our We invest in apprentices accreditation will help you to do just that for your apprentices by identifying your strengths as well as areas for improvement. We will evaluate your apprenticeships approach and help you attract the best talent and get the most out of them.   


What the benefits are

  • Attract better talent. Good apprentices want to work for good employers.

  • Stand out from other apprentice employers. Raise your profile and reputation by showing you are ahead of other organisations.

  • Accreditation is valid for three years.

  • Online survey and interviews to gather valuable information from your apprentices.

  • Quantitative and qualitative insights help inform your strategy and implement it better.

  • Automatic entry in the Investors in People Awards where we celebrate the best and the boldest organisations, rewarding their great work.

  • An action plan designed to support the evolution of your strategy.

  • Silver, gold and platinum award levels, valid for three years.

  • 12 and 24-month check-ins with your practitioner to ensure continious development.